How to Cope with Being Single and its Psychological Effects

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the sheer ambition of your New Year's resolutions? Do you struggle with maintaining them past January? You're not alone. As we welcome 2024, we thought it would be a good moment to rethink how we approach resolutions, armed with the aid of psychological theory, like that of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. The key lies not in grand, sweeping declarations, but in setting mindful, attainable goals that resonate with our deeper selves. Whether you'd like to learn a new skill, enhance your health, or nurture relationships, each resolution can be a step towards a richer, more fulfilling life. The trick is to understand that while we link them to New Year's, resolutions aren't just for New Year's – they're for any day, any time, when you're ready to begin to change and grow. Let's see how we can weave in a dash mindfulness into this year's
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