How to Help Someone With Low Self-Esteem – Empathy & Support Guide

Am I good enough? This is a question that everyone asks themselves at some point. Whether it be in regards to a particular area of life or simply about being good enough in general. For those who struggle with self-esteem, the answer will likely be ‘no’. Those who do not struggle with self-esteem and are fairly confident in their self-worth may find it difficult to talk to friends, family, or loved ones who are not. Although there is no single way to fix a loved one’s self-esteem, you can offer support and create an environment in which they are able to grow on their own with time, validation, and encouragement [1]. If you or someone you love is struggling with low self-esteem, you may find the tips in this blog post useful to help you move forward.

How to Help Someone with Low Self-Esteem

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Transforming Your Mindset to Stop Feeling Not Good Enough

Do you tend to ask the question: “Why am I not good enough“?

Perhaps you sometimes engage in negative self-talk and beat yourself up about minor mistakes or failures.

Maybe you have an unhealthy habit of comparing yourself to others and feeling worthless as a result.

We all have insecurities that make us feel inadequate from time to time, whether it be physical appearance, performance at work, or being funny. However, the situation is different if you’re constantly feeling not good enough.

13 June / 2023

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