Career Counselling in London and Online

If your workplace makes you feel unfulfilled, stressed or frustrated, it heightens your risk of developing various mental health issues like burnout, anxiety or depression. It’s natural to feel lost, overwhelmed or confused in this situation, but you don’t have to cope with it alone. Career counselling is a process designed to provide you with the tools that foster reaching your full potential and pursuing a rewarding career suited to your skills and interests. Whether you’re a young professional starting your career, or in a senior position and considering taking a leap into a new field or wanting a promotion within your current company, we have highly qualified career counselling therapists in London & online who can help you find ways to improve your quality of life. 

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Career Counselling in London and Online

What is Career Counselling?

Career counselling is a form of therapy that provides support and direction for those wanting to reach their full potential and heighten their career satisfaction. Nowadays, changing jobs multiple times throughout one’s career is very common. You might wish to have a better-paid position, decrease the number of hours spent working or find a healthier working environment. Nevertheless, such transitions can be difficult. 

Our qualified therapists understand the ever-rising pressures and struggles of demanding positions. Working with them presents an opportunity to:

  • Discuss your current issues, like burnout, work-related stress or a problematic boss 
  • Better understand your personal needs and values,
  • Develop strategies to overcome any obstacles,
  • Learn techniques to boost your motivation, confidence or assertiveness,
  • Explore alternative career paths that align with your skills and preferences,
  • Make informed decisions and set realistic goals regarding your career,
  • Go through this transition smoothly and comfortably,
  • Increase life satisfaction and the quality of your relationships resulting from work fulfilment. 

Does Career Counselling Work?

Research shows the effectiveness of career counselling in producing positive change (1), decreasing career indecision and stabilising clients’ satisfaction over time (2)

Career counselling works because it brings together processes, methods, and techniques from career assessment and development as well as various aspects of psychology such as CBT (Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy), coaching, goal-setting and decision-making in order to gain insight into each specific issue you’re facing in your working life. This unique therapeutic approach aims to support you throughout the entire process so that you can make long-term positive changes in your working life, where your goals align with your values. 

With the assistance of a qualified therapist, you can:

  • take a closer look at your specific situation,
  • gain clarity on what you want to achieve,
  • address any internal issues that cause dissatisfaction in your professional life, such as performance anxiety, unhelpful thoughts or difficulty being assertive,
  • discuss problematic external factors like heavy workloads or bullying at your workplace. 
  • learn how to use tools and techniques to cope with these difficulties, 
  • gain the confidence you need to make positive changes.

Does Career Counselling Work?

Is Career Counselling worth it?

People seek the guidance of career counsellors for various reasons. Some might feel lost, confused or stuck; others may wish to negotiate better terms at work but struggle with being assertive. There are those who’d like to find a more rewarding job and those who need help setting tangible goals and formulating a realistic action plan. Even though these people might struggle with different issues, throughout the therapeutic process, they all gain the knowledge and skills necessary to tackle their problems and take charge of their professional paths. 

Career counselling offers a wide variety of benefits, such as:

  • Addressing limiting beliefs about your work life (the negative thoughts that limit your potential) such as: “I’m not good enough to succeed” and replacing them with helpful ones, like: “I am constantly growing, learning skills and gaining experience necessary to succeed”
  • Decreasing work-related uncertainty, stress or anxiety 
  • Boosting self-confidence
  • Increasing awareness of your skills, qualifications and needs
  • Understanding the root of your issues and finding ways to solve them, i.e., not asking for a promotion due to a lack of crucial assertiveness skills 
  • Sparking creativity, motivation and curiosity necessary to explore alternative career paths
  • Gaining a sense of direction and meaning with better decision-making and goal-setting skills, i.e. making a long-term plan with daily action steps 
  • Aligning your career goals with personal values
  • Creating a step-by-step plan of introducing positive changes in your life

If this sounds familiar, you should get help as soon as possible. Chronic insomnia is particularly difficult to treat because mental health difficulties typically cause it. If you’re affected by anxiety, feeling alert might prevent you from getting sleep, increasing the stress even more. In the end, you might become trapped in a so-called vicious cycle of insomnia. When you can’t fall asleep, you might worry about waking up tired, which produces anxiety that your mind might begin to associate with sleep.

What happens in Career Counselling?

Career counselling aims to help you get the career you want and enjoy. To achieve that, our therapists utilise techniques from different approaches like CBT (Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy), Person-Centred Therapy, Solution-Focussed Therapy and more, so that you gain clarity on your goals understand your situation better. The role of your counsellor is to be your guide, assist, encourage and support you on your journey in an empathetic and non-judgmental way.

What happens in Career Counselling?Throughout the entire process, you will work with a qualified therapist to attain different objectives, such as:

  • Exploring your strengths, skills, experience and areas of expertise,
  • Identifying your unique needs, expectations and aspirations regarding your career,
  • Finding a career direction that aligns with your values,
  • Setting specific long-term goals that are realistic and adequate, e.g. the amount of time spent looking for other jobs, decreasing the current workload,
  • Learning useful interpersonal skills, e.g. assertiveness training needed to ask for a promotion or anger management,

Resolving any personal obstacles or work issues, e.g. stopping the vicious cycle of negative thoughts that lead to self-sabotage, using self-soothing techniques to cope with the fear of public speaking.

What issues can benefit from Career Counselling?

An average person living in the UK with a full-time job spends around 36 hours weekly working. One in three employees is dissatisfied with their current position. Since we spend such a significant portion of our life working, any issues within that area will inevitably impact our wellbeing. 

Career counselling offers a wealth of assistance for those who feel lost, unmotivated or confused in their careers. It helps clients find their path, redefine their goals, and overcome obstacles. Additionally, it addresses a wide range of work-related mental health issues, such as:

Some clients also struggle with imposter syndrome, which leads to discomfort, self-doubt, fear of failure and unrealistic expectations. This self-imposed pressure effects in perfectionism, overworking yourself and belittling your abilities. 

Exploring these issues in the safety of your career counselling sessions can help you understand your obstacles and unhelpful behavioural patterns and lear to adopt healthier coping mechanisms. With the assistance of a qualified therapist, you can set realistic goals and devise a concrete action plan to improve your quality of life.

When to consider Career Counselling?

Consider career counselling if your current job or career is negatively affecting the quality of your life and is detrimental to your mental well-being, e.g. the workload is causing chronic stress, low mood, insomnia or relationship issues. At Therapy Central, our career counsellors offer confidential space within which you can discuss your work-related issues. It can be a good fit if you:


  • Feel overwhelmed, confused, stuck in a rut, unhappy and unmotivated,
  • Don’t know how to cope with negative thoughts and emotions around work,
  • Work in a toxic environment, e.g., controlling boss, bullying
  • Don’t feel aligned with your goals
  • Want to ask for promotion/negotiate different terms but don’t know how,
  • Seek a different job that would fill you with a sense of meaning and purpose,
  • Wish to gain clarity on your long-term career plans. 
  • your life outside of work (e.g., relationships, hobbies) is affected by work stress

What to expect from Career Counselling?

In career counselling, the biggest priority is placed on understanding your unique situation and helping you achieve a more satisfying and rewarding experience of your job and career. To achieve that, your therapist will need your active participation in and out of your sessions. In your initial meetings, you can expect to:

  • Be asked different questions regarding your values, aspirations, detailed description of your current issue, past experiences and plans for the future,
  • Research alternative career paths with your therapist,
  • Work with your therapist on identifying your triggers and overcoming difficulties.

It’s important to remember that your career counsellor is here to support and assist you, but you are the one to make final decisions about your work life.

How long does Career Counselling Take?

The length of the therapeutic process varies from one client to another. It can be as short as 6 weeks or last for more than 6 months. It all depends on your unique situation, the severity of your issues and expectations. Our therapists, who use an integrative approach, take various factors into consideration and will tailor the treatment to your unique subjective circumstances.

How to prepare for your first Career Counselling session?

Before coming to your first Career Counselling session, you can reflect on your expectations and the goal you’d like to achieve. Keep in mind that the main focus is directed at helping you find ways to improve your current situation. It means you will be the one taking decisions, not the therapist. You can also prepare to play an active part in each session, researching various topics and planning your career. The therapist will equip you with the tools necessary to overcome difficulties and help you reach your full potential, first with assistance and professional guidance, and eventually on your own.

How to prepare for your first Career Counselling session?

Our Therapists Specialised in Career Counselling

All of our therapists are qualified psychologists, psychotherapists or counsellors registered with several professional bodies. These include the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC), the British Psychological Society (BPS), as well as BACP, UKCP and BABCP.

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Clinical Director, Counselling Psychologist

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Dr. Samantha Harris

Clinical Psychologist

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Counselling Psychologist

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Counselling Psychologist

Dr. Lynelle Roberts

Counselling Psychologist

Dr Sara Chaudhrey

Counselling Psychologist

Ben Dustin


Dr Sidra Chaudhry

Counselling Psychologist

Stacie Hill

CBT Psychotherapist

Dr Joanne Warren

Clinical Psychologist

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Integrative Counsellor

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The Therapist l had was absolutely brilliant with me. He had patience with me and bit by bit l gained a little of confidence to try and get out and go on the buses.

He deserves an award and if l could l would in the beginning l thought how is this person going to get me back on public transport but he did he gave me the confidence l lost and now have back.

I will never forget him and what he has done for me. I wish him nothing but the best in his life.



My therapist was excellent. I highly recommend her and I am truly thankful for my sessions, I left feeling confident and positive.

The mental tools, systems and approaches I have been able to develop with her and use in my life have been hugely beneficial.

Thank you to all at Therapy Central.



The Therapist really gave me the space to talk and express my feelings and fears in a very comforting environment.

She was there not only to listen, but challenge my thinking, guide me during the uncertainty I was experiencing and give me useful and practical tips to improve my mental health and wellbeing. Highly recommended!



Working with the therapist has been a life-changing experience. Each session has been invaluable, helping me gain a good understanding of CBT methodology enabling me to incorporate ways to combat stress and anxiety in my daily life.

The Therapist shows that she really cares and has the ability to make you feel calm whilst discussing any personal issue. 


Fees & Insurances

Therapy, Counselling and CBT sessions are 50 minutes long and are usually held at regular weekly time slots.

15 Minute Initial
Phone Consultation

£80 - £125
Psychological Therapy/
Counselling (Self-funded)

£115 - £150
Couples Therapy/
Family Therapy

Covered by
Your Private Healthcare Insurance Provider

Our therapists are registered with several insurance providers, such as AXAPPP, Simplyhealth, Bupa, Aviva, Cigna (UK/US), and WPA. If you wish to use your personal or employee private healthcare insurance to cover your sessions, please highlight this in your contact form below.

Career Counselling in London and Online

No matter what stage you are in your career or what difficulties you may be facing, career counselling can get you on the track to a fulfilling, rewarding career, ultimately leading to a more fulfilling life in general. Our team of therapists is here to provide guidance and support so that you can overcome any obstacles standing in your way. If you’re frustrated, anxious, stressed or overwhelmed with your current job, getting professional help can be a perfect fit for you. Take charge of your life and regain balance with career counselling at Therapy Central.

Contact us today for a free 15-minute consultation to discuss your situation with a qualified psychologist, understand how career counselling can help you, and explore our range of services designed to support your journey towards a more satisfying career.

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    What happens after I make an enquiry?

    After receiving your enquiry we’ll contact you to organise a FREE phone consultation. You will be able to tell us more about your specific circumstances and needs and ask any questions you have. Then, if you want to proceed with therapy or counselling, we’ll match you with the therapist(s) with the best expertise to help you with your challenges and send you a list of their available appointment slots. If you’re satisfied with one of these, we can then go ahead and book your first appointment. You can also request to work with a specific practitioner and, depending on availability we’ll try accomodate this.

    What happens at my first appointment with the therapist?

    Your first session will likely be different than future appointments. You and your therapist will get to know each other and will begin to build a working alliance. It will be a chance to have the confidential space to express your circumstances, feelings and thoughts and being listened to with depth, attention, empathy and without judgement . Your therapist will likely ask you more about your reasons for seeking therapy, and any symptoms you’re experiencing. You may also be asked questions about your past and the history of your issues, as well as how they currently impact your life in the present. Finally, your first session may be a powerful place to discuss what you would like to achieve with therapy and agree on the length, methods and approaches of treatment.

    Is online therapy effective?

    If you choose online over in-person therapy rest assured that this has been proven to be just as effective as regular face to face therapy, and in some cases even more effective. In addition, choosing online therapy brings additional benefits, for example avoiding longer waiting times, greater flexibility with appointments and you won’t need to travel to our practice. You can enjoy online therapy from the comfort of your home.

    How long the Therapy/counselling sessions last?

    Therapy/counselling sessions last 50 minutes and are held at regular weekly time slots. On occasions we are able to allow some flexibility. This can be discussed with your therapist.

    Do you offer reduced rates/concessions?

    We offer low-cost rates to people with a low income, unemployed or students. Please let us know in your enquiry if you would like a concession rate and how you qualify for this. Depending on the availability of our therapists, we’ll do our best to accommodate your request.

    Do you have a cancellation policy?

    We have a 48 hours no-fee cancellation policy. However you will be charged for sessions missed without giving the full notice.

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    Further Reading:


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    (2) Evaluating the Effectiveness of Career Counselling: Recent Evidence and Recommended Strategies.

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