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Online Counselling

Online counselling, also known as online therapy, is a contemporary approach to psychological support tailored for the rhythm of modern life. It offers the flexibility to connect with professional help from afar, reaching those who can’t attend in-person sessions due to health reasons, or anyone who prefers the comfort and privacy of their own space. Perfect for the fast-paced lifestyle, online counselling adapts to your schedule, allowing you to maintain therapy sessions alongside your commitments, whether at home or on the go.

The basics of online counselling are grounded in the principles of general psychotherapy. A growing body of research shows that we can adapt some of the most effective psychotherapeutic techniques to the virtual realm.

We have a team of expert Psychologists and Psychotherapists who can provide evidence-based online counselling, including online Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, among other approaches. Another perk of online psychotherapy is that you can start seeing an online therapist with almost no wait time.

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What is Online Counselling?

Counselling works in precisely the same way as face-to-face therapy, but it is conducted online. Each session lasts 50 minutes, usually via video link using software such as Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts, MS Teams, Facetime etc. You can use your computer or smartphone to connect with your therapist.

At Therapy Central, you can have online counselling sessions on the same day and time each week. One of the unique benefits of remote psychotherapy is that it’s more flexible than traditional in-person therapy. It is easier to schedule and complete virtual sessions, and as there’s no commute, clients and therapists can save precious time by not having to travel to the therapist’s office.

Online counselling has become one of the most popular ways to receive psychological support and work towards your goals, whether you’re struggling with depression or low mood, an anxiety problem or a relationship and couples issue.

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Flexible Scheduling

Flexible Scheduling and Session Accessibility

We are committed to your well-being and strive to make therapy sessions convenient for you to attend. Here’s how we personalise your online therapy experience:

  • Extended Hours: Our therapists can offer sessions from early morning to late evening, accommodating your personal and professional commitments.
  • Weekend Availability: We understand that weekdays can be hectic, so we make sure to have therapists that can offer slots available also on weekends.
  • Personalised Booking: Our administrative team is dedicated to finding a slot that works for you with a therapist that is the right fit for you. They’re quick to respond and skilled at matching your availability with our therapists’.
  • Adaptable Scheduling: Our goal is to establish a regular session schedule that suits you. If life’s demands require a change, we’ll work with you to find an alternative time, within our therapists’ availability.

Your mental health journey should fit comfortably into your life, and we’re here to ensure it does just that.

Curious about finding a time slot that fits your schedule? Let’s work together to find the perfect match.

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Who is Online Counselling For?

Online counselling opens a world of possibilities for anyone seeking professional psychological support with ease and flexibility. Generally speaking, online therapy is a good choice for people struggling with mild to moderate mental health conditions. If you’re considering the leap to virtual therapy, here’s who it’s designed for:

  • Residents of Remote Areas: If geographical distance from mental health professionals is an issue, online therapy bridges that gap, bringing expert care to your home.
  • Busy Bees & Home Dwellers: If your schedule is packed or if you just prefer the comfort of familiar surroundings, online counselling integrates seamlessly into your life without the commute.
  • Health and Mobility Concerns: For those who find it challenging to leave the house due to health or mobility restrictions, online therapy provides a valuable and accessible alternative.
  • Enhanced Privacy Seekers: If you value privacy and the ease of accessing therapy away from public spaces, online counselling offers a discreet channel for personal growth.
  • The Tech-Savvy Seekers: Already living a digital life? Online counselling speaks your language, offering therapy through the screens you’re familiar with.
  • Supplement Existing Therapy: Those already in traditional therapy might find online sessions a convenient supplement, ensuring consistent support.

At Therapy Central we craft this service to be as effective as traditional therapy, backed by research and designed for your comfort and convenience. It’s professional support just a click away.

If you see yourself in any of these scenarios, or if you’re simply curious about how online counselling could benefit you, reach out to us. Our therapists are well-versed in addressing a wide range of challenges and are here to support you on your journey to better mental health.

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Online Therapy Services and Mental Health Emergencies

Although online therapy may be a great tool in mental health treatment, it is crucial to understand it’s not an emergency service and should not be the first line of response if you’re experiencing severe mental health conditions that require immediate attention.

In an emergency where urgent care is needed, especially if medication management is important, consult with a doctor within a multidisciplinary team (MDT) is essential. This is because a mental health emergency often requires a level of intervention and immediate support that online therapy providers simply cannot provide.

If you find yourself or someone you know in a crisis, contact 111 or reach out to the Samaritans at 116 123. These services can offer the necessary support and direct you to the appropriate care, such as emergency teams who specialise in mental health crises.

Individualised Treatment Plans

  • Begins with Understanding: Each therapeutic journey starts with a comprehensive assessment to understand your unique needs and circumstances. This way we can ensure our approach is truly aligned with your personal story.
  • Unique as You: Our therapists tailor your therapy experience like a tailor fits a suit, with precise attention to your life’s unique patterns, needs, difficulties and strengths.
  • Client-Centred Focus: Whether you’re looking to navigate brief challenges with targeted goals or embark on a deeper exploration for long-term change, our therapists adjust their approach to your unique rhythm, matching your pace with empathy, understanding and expertise.
  • Integrative Approach: Our therapists are equipped with a ‘toolbox’ from various therapeutic approaches. They draw on a range of methods and techniques to create a flexible and responsive treatment plan, adapting as you grow and change. You’re supported through every twist and turn.
  • Responsive and Dynamic: As you evolve, so does our approach. If one path proves challenging, our therapists are prepared to pivot, finding new routes to help you reach your desired destination and goals.
  • Empowered Endings and Future Growth: We ensure that as therapy concludes, you’re not just returning to life as usual but moving forward with new skills and insights. Our goal is for you to leave therapy feeling equipped to manage life’s ups and downs and to reduce the likelihood of relapse with the tools and strategies you’ve learned.

We’re committed to connect with you on a human level, to understand and walk with you towards the life you envision, ensuring you feel supported in every step of your mental health journey.

Begin your journey to personal growth and lasting well-being today. Let us tailor a therapy plan that’s as unique as you are.

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Is Online Therapy Effective?

Online psychotherapy is an effective way to tackle your issues and improve your mental health and well-being. This is what scientific research and our experience with thousands of online therapy hours tell us. Some people may be concerned that remote counselling is ineffective as you’re not in the same room as your therapist. While this is an understandable concern, numerous researchers have tested the effectiveness of online counselling, proving that this is an excellent way to treat psychological issues [1].

According to the NHS, e-therapy can effectively treat depression, stress, and anxiety.This makes sense when you think about it, as we’re already using modern technology for daily communication with our friends and family and work. Video calls have become part of our everyday lives. When seeing someone in person is not an option, video calls allow us to see their faces, smiles and tears and give us a more personal experience than a phone call.

Psychotherapy mainly involves conversation and nonverbal communication, which means that support and progress are not confined to an office setting. With extensive research and our clinical success track record, online therapy work stands as a valid and powerful path to mental wellness in our digital age.

Online Counselling can be as Effective as Face-to-Face Therapy

Some studies even suggested online counselling to be more effective than face-to-face therapy. Progress achieved via remote therapy was maintained over extended periods, especially in the (sizeable) group of individuals who preferred online counselling over face-to-face therapy [2].

Online Therapy does not prevent an effective Therapeutic Relationship

You may worry that it will be hard to bond with an online psychotherapist. Studies show no difference in the therapeutic relationship between therapist and client, whether a therapy session takes place face-to-face or online [3]. This is also supported by our clinical experience at Therapy Central, practising online therapy, alongside face-to-face therapy, for several years. In some cases, online psychotherapy can even facilitate a more personal relationship with a therapist than when people see therapists face-to-face. This might be especially useful for people with social anxiety or who generally experience high levels of inactivity and social withdrawal.

Ready to see how online therapy can work for you?

Online Counselling: Is It Safe?

Qualifications and Vetting of Online Therapists

As long as online counselling is delivered by accredited and vetted professionals like ours, you can rest assured that it will be safe. Nonetheless, it can be a minefield out there trying to get your head around all the different terms (psychologists, counsellors, psychotherapists) for remote therapists and knowing if they have the right level of education, qualification, experience, and expertise to help you.

At Therapy Central, we have a team of highly qualified and experienced practitioners, including Clinical and Counselling Psychologists, counsellors and psychotherapists, who have been thoroughly vetted. Hence, you are in safe hands if you decide to receive online therapy through our service! Feel free to take a look at our team.

Online Payment Issues

At Therapy Central, from the very start, we completed all transactions electronically via bank transfer or credit/debit card for in-person and online therapy services. We’ve developed a stable, convenient, and trustworthy system of making cashless payments for therapy.

Internet Connectivity Issues

We know how important it is to have a stable internet connection while delivering remote counselling. During remote sessions, serious and sensitive issues are discussed. It can be somewhat frustrating to have your session interrupted due to internet problems. We have made sure that our online counsellors at Therapy Central have a high-speed, stable, and secure internet connection to deliver online sessions.

Moreover, we make sure to only use reputable, safe, and stable services such as Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, and other software for virtual communication via computer/smartphone.

Privacy and Confidentiality

Some people can be concerned about privacy issues in online counselling. At Therapy Central, we avoid modes of online communication that have privacy issues. While it can be your choice what platform to use for your therapy session, we can suggest more privacy compliant options.

We’ll always check in with you about the communication tool you feel most comfortable using.

Maintaining safety, confidentiality, and anonymity in mental health care, is part of our ethical and professional values, enshrined in the BPS, HCPC, UKCP, BABCP and BACP codes of conduct, which are the professional bodies regulating the practice of our therapists.

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Online Therapy Approaches

Individual Counselling

As for face-to-face therapy, there are many types of online therapy, used for treating various psychological issues, for instance, online CBT for anxiety. Below you’ll find a list of talking therapy approaches which fit remote counselling:

  • Regarding empirical research, the best online therapy is remote CBT [4], which is also true for third-wave psychotherapy approaches (i.e. ACT, CFT, etc.) developed from CBT.
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)
  • Compassion-Focused therapy (CFT)
  • Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT)
  • Cognitive-Analytic Therapy (CAT)
  • Schema Therapy (SFT)
  • Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT). DBT and Schema Therapy (SFT) can be particularly helpful for those struggling with personality disorders [5].
  • Online EMDR. Eye-movement desensitisation and reprocessing therapy (EMDR) is usually used to resolve trauma related to PTSD. Typical EMDR techniques, such as bilateral stimulation of brain hemispheres, can be effectively delivered online via your computer or smartphone screen.
  • Person-Centred (Humanistic Therapy)
  • Psychodynamic Therapy

A wide variety of psychotherapeutic approaches can be delivered remotely. You can find more information on these approaches and how we can treat various psychological issues with their help by browsing our “Issue” and “Therapy” sections. You can also read our more specific articles on online therapy for particular problems, such as online trauma therapy (you’ll find these in our “Blog”).

Online Couples Counselling

Online couples counselling is also a promising application of the online modality to the world of counselling [6]:

  • Couples nowadays have a lot of responsibilities, and it can be very challenging to juggle work, family life, friends, etc.
  • Online couples therapy can be a good way for couples to work on their problems while saving time for other essential activities, such as spending time with children.

Online Family & Group Therapy

The same is true for general group therapy, which can be appropriately administered online [7]. Getting many people to sit in the same room every week for a certain amount of time can be tricky. With the help of Zoom, Skype, etc., it can be much easier to be consistent with group or family therapy.

Phone consultations and Texting Therapy

You may feel more comfortable simply talking with a therapist, not necessarily having a video call over Zoom or Skype on your computer or phone. In these cases, telephone therapy sessions can be arranged.

We do believe video calls are a more powerful tool than the phone alone. Hearing and seeing your therapist is crucial for establishing a strong therapeutic relationship. However, there may be times when this isn’t possible. Perhaps your video isn’t working (e.g., camera or software issue), or you may feel more comfortable talking to your therapist via an audio call, instead of having a video session. In these circumstances, you can use the audio call option for your online sessions or the phone.

While texting therapy is used in some contexts, we don’t offer texting therapy as a separate service. However, texts can be a tool for communication, depending on your mutual agreement with one of our therapists.

How Much Does Online Counselling Cost?

Therapy, Counselling and CBT sessions are 50 minutes long and are usually held at regular weekly time slots.

15 Minute Initial
Phone Consultation

£80 - £125
Psychological Therapy/
Counselling (Self-funded)

£115 - £150
Couples Therapy/
Family Therapy

Covered by Insurance
Your Private Healthcare Insurance Provider

Our therapists are registered with several insurance providers, such as AXAPPP, Simplyhealth, Bupa, Aviva, Cigna (UK/US), and WPA. If you wish to use your personal or employee private healthcare insurance to cover your sessions, please highlight this in your contact form below.

Our Therapists Specialised in Online Therapy

All of our therapists are qualified psychologists, psychotherapists or counsellors registered with several professional bodies. These include the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC), the British Psychological Society (BPS), as well as, BACP, UKCP and BABCP.

Our therapists use CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), psychodynamic, humanistic and many other approaches. They integrate techniques to provide therapy that’s tailored around your needs and help you deal with your unique challenges and reach your goals.

Dr. Raffaello Antonino

Clinical Director, Counselling Psychologist

Dr. Sheetal Dandgey

Clinical Director, Counselling Psychologist

Dr. Amy Smith

Clinical Director, Counselling Psychologist

Dr. Anna Hovris

Counselling Psychologist

Dr. Samantha Harris

Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Karin Kihlberg

Counselling Psychologist

Dr. Alana Whitlock

Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Yasmeen Jaina

Counselling Psychologist

Dr Gail Freedman

Counselling Psychologist

Dr. Caroline Tovey

Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Andrew Aboud

Counselling Psychologist

Dr. Lynelle Roberts

Counselling Psychologist

Dr Sara Chaudhrey

Counselling Psychologist

Ben Dustin


Dr Sidra Chaudhry

Counselling Psychologist

Maryam Keshavarz


Stacie Hill

CBT Psychotherapist

Dr Joanne Warren

Clinical Psychologist

Dr Nicholas Sarantakis

Counselling Psychologist

Anita Sommers


Dr Didem Altay

Counselling Psychologist

Imogen Hg-Johnson


Anna Orlowska

Counselling Psychologist

Joanne Videtzky

Clinical Psychologist

Dr Lara Lopes de Jesus

Counselling Psychologist

Imogen Healy

Integrative Counsellor

Nirmal Uppal


Carolyn Brady

Counselling Psychologist

Kimberley Long


Clare Biggar


Altan Mashbayar


Cathy Douglas


Elif Koklu


Manuel Toren

Integrative Psychotherapist

Dr Natalie Scheiner

Counselling Psychologist

Jennifer Becker

CBT Therapist

The british psychological society
logo hcpc
logo UKCP

Preparing for Online Therapy

Starting online therapy is a great step towards better mental health. Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your sessions:

  1. Create Your Space: Find a quiet, private space where you won’t be interrupted. Your comfort is paramount, so consider soothing lighting, comfortable seating, and ensuring the area feels safe for open conversation.
  2. Tech Check: Ensure your computer (or phone) is charged, your internet connection is stable, and video and audio are working before the session starts.
  3. Mindset Matters: Spend a few minutes before your session begins to center yourself and set an intention. Reflect on what you’d like to achieve. Consider jotting this down, and open yourself up to the process.
  4. Have Support Tools Ready: Keep a notebook, pen, note-taking app, or any other close at hand. If it’s not your first session, keep in mind what your therapist recommended to use.
  5. Be Open and Honest: Therapy is a collaborative process. The more open and honest you are, the more you’ll gain from the experience.

Remember, our team is here to support you every step of the way. If you have any questions about getting started, don’t hesitate to reach out.

A calming room, where everything is ready for an online therapy session
Calm Image of a person starting online therapy from the comfort of their home

Getting Started with Online Therapy

Starting your therapy journey with Therapy Central is straightforward:

  1. Reach Out: Begin by filling out our form, sending an email, or giving us a call. A real person will review your needs to ensure our service matches your situation.
  2. Personal Preferences: Let us know your preferences for a therapist’s gender, session timing, and therapeutic approach. We use this information, along with our therapists’ availability, to suggest the best match for you.
  3. Meet Our Therapists: We’ll share profiles of suitable therapists, allowing you to choose who you’d like to work with.
  4. Free Consultation: A free phone call with a psychology associate helps us understand more about your needs, expectations and goals for therapy.
  5. Confirmation and Booking: Once our clinical team reviews the consultation notes, we finalise the match and schedule your first appointment.

Your journey to improvement begins with minimal prep and a focus on finding the right fit for you.



The Therapist l had was absolutely brilliant with me. He had patience with me and bit by bit l gained a little of confidence to try and get out and go on the buses.

He deserves an award and if l could l would in the beginning l thought how is this person going to get me back on public transport but he did he gave me the confidence l lost and now have back.

I will never forget him and what he has done for me. I wish him nothing but the best in his life.



My therapist was excellent. I highly recommend her and I am truly thankful for my sessions, I left feeling confident and positive.

The mental tools, systems and approaches I have been able to develop with her and use in my life have been hugely beneficial.

Thank you to all at Therapy Central.



The Therapist really gave me the space to talk and express my feelings and fears in a very comforting environment.

She was there not only to listen, but challenge my thinking, guide me during the uncertainty I was experiencing and give me useful and practical tips to improve my mental health and wellbeing. Highly recommended!



Working with the therapist has been a life-changing experience. Each session has been invaluable, helping me gain a good understanding of CBT methodology enabling me to incorporate ways to combat stress and anxiety in my daily life.

The Therapist shows that she really cares and has the ability to make you feel calm whilst discussing any personal issue. 


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Online counselling is an effective, widely-used, and convenient way to access psychological support and improve your mental health. It’s one of the most promising paths developed in psychotherapy. Getting online therapy provided by a qualified mental health professional has many advantages, such as convenience, flexibility, no long wait times, and coverage by private healthcare health insurance.

The therapeutic benefits of online counselling are akin to the benefits of psychotherapy in general. Improving interpersonal functioning and mental well-being; better management of mood,  anxiety and stress you’re experiencing, are just some of the most important benefits you can expect to gain, depending on what you decide to work on with your online therapist. Our online therapists will tailor their approach to your unique needs and circumstances, and work with you collaboratively.

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    What happens after I make an enquiry?

    After receiving your enquiry we’ll contact you to organise a FREE phone consultation. You will be able to tell us more about your specific circumstances and needs and ask any questions you have. Then, if you want to proceed with therapy or counselling, we’ll match you with the therapist(s) with the best expertise to help you with your challenges and send you a list of their available appointment slots. If you’re satisfied with one of these, we can then go ahead and book your first appointment. You can also request to work with a specific practitioner and, depending on availability we’ll try accomodate this.

    What happens at my first appointment with the therapist?

    Your first session will likely be different than future appointments. You and your therapist will get to know each other and will begin to build a working alliance. It will be a chance to have the confidential space to express your circumstances, feelings and thoughts and being listened to with depth, attention, empathy and without judgement . Your therapist will likely ask you more about your reasons for seeking therapy, and any symptoms you’re experiencing. You may also be asked questions about your past and the history of your issues, as well as how they currently impact your life in the present. Finally, your first session may be a powerful place to discuss what you would like to achieve with therapy and agree on the length, methods and approaches of treatment.

    Is online therapy effective?

    If you choose online over in-person therapy rest assured that this has been proven to be just as effective as regular face to face therapy, and in some cases even more effective. In addition, choosing online therapy brings additional benefits, for example avoiding longer waiting times, greater flexibility with appointments and you won’t need to travel to our practice. You can enjoy online therapy from the comfort of your home.

    How long the Therapy/counselling sessions last?

    Therapy/counselling sessions last 50 minutes and are held at regular weekly time slots. On occasions we are able to allow some flexibility. This can be discussed with your therapist.

    Do you offer reduced rates/concessions?

    We offer low-cost rates to people with a low income, unemployed or students. Please let us know in your enquiry if you would like a concession rate and how you qualify for this. Depending on the availability of our therapists, we’ll do our best to accommodate your request.

    Do you have a cancellation policy?

    We have a 48 hours no-fee cancellation policy. However you will be charged for sessions missed without giving the full notice.

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