A Practical Guide on How to Start Telling the Truth and Stop Lying

Am I good enough? This is a question that everyone asks themselves at some point. Whether it be in regards to a particular area of life or simply about being good enough in general. For those who struggle with self-esteem, the answer will likely be ‘no’. Those who do not struggle with self-esteem and are fairly confident in their self-worth may find it difficult to talk to friends, family, or loved ones who are not. Although there is no single way to fix a loved one’s self-esteem, you can offer support and create an environment in which they are able to grow on their own with time, validation, and encouragement [1]. If you or someone you love is struggling with low self-esteem, you may find the tips in this blog post useful to help you move forward.

A Practical Guide on How to Start Telling the Truth and Stop Lying

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Overcoming Trust Issues: How to Rebuild Your Relationship

Trust is like the glue that holds any healthy relationship together, creating a sense of intimacy, security and understanding between two people. Although building trust in relationships can take years, it can be broken in an instant. When trust is broken, through infidelity, crossing boundaries or dishonesty, it can have a significant impact on the dynamic of the relationship as a whole. This may leave you wondering how to trust your partner, how to build trust in a relationship, or how to save a relationship without trust.

26 June / 2023

Doubting Your Relationship? Here’s What You Need to Know

You’ve been with your significant other for some time now, perhaps you’ve met their friends and family, have moved in together, and would consider your relationship rather serious. Even though you feel in love, you may be having doubts about your relationship, questioning whether this is the right person for you. You may be asking yourself, is it normal to have doubts in a relationship? Could I be happier? Is this what I really want? Is my partner ‘the one’?

24 June / 2023

How To Cope When You Can’t Stop Thinking About Someone

Do you find yourself constantly checking your phone for social media updates or messages from your ex? 

Are you easily distracted at work or school, daydreaming about your crush? 

Does it feel like signs of them haunt you everywhere you go?

We’ve all experienced the pain of different relationships ending and the wave of grief, sadness, anxiety or anger that comes with it. Whether it’s a new crush on a coworker, healing after a sudden breakup, or being ghosted by a friend, learning how to stop thinking about someone can be tough. 

14 June / 2023

How To Be Less Insecure in a Relationship: A Guide to Building Confidence and Trust

Do you often get jealous in your relationship? Are you constantly seeking the validation of your partner? Maybe you tend to put their needs above your own to please them.

Many people struggle with relationship insecurity to some extent. When left unchecked, this anxiety-inducing feeling takes a toll on your mental health, creating conflict and distance between you and your partner. Learning how to be less insecure in a relationship starts with identifying an underlying root cause of your self-doubt and low confidence.

30 May / 2023

How to Help Someone with PTSD

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a mental health issue that can be incredibly difficult and painful to face. If your friend, partner or family member struggles with PTSD, it’s probably a stressful situation not only for them but also for you. Feeling lost, helpless, or overwhelmed is natural, yet it’s important to remember that there are many ways in which you can support your loved one and deepen your relationship. Research shows that social support plays a vital role in managing the difficulties of PTSD.

9 May / 2023

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