Can Stress Cause Weight Loss? Exploring the Impact on Your Body

Can stress make you lose weight? In moderation, stress can motivate us to take action or help us perform at a higher level. Whether it be confronting a demanding boss, having to give an important presentation at work or studying for a difficult exam, we all face the daily pressures of life. It's okay as long as we know how to cope with these hiccups. The issue arises when we spend our days feeling constantly stressed, chasing a never-ending cycle of deadlines, responsibilities and fires to put out. This built-up tension burns through our inner resources, making us increasingly overwhelmed, worried or too anxious to eat. Left unaddressed, this might result in further health problems, such as fatigue, nausea, knotted stomach, weight loss, bodily pains, insomnia or even depression and anxiety. In this article, we explore the connection between stress, anxiety and weight loss, discuss its impact on the

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