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Relationship Issues

Strong and satisfying relationships can help bring happiness and contentment. Most relationships are not perfect and have their ups and downs. However, some people can experience relationship difficulties where things seem to often get stuck. The relationship difficulties can then have a significant negative impact upon the individuals involved. This is when therapy can be of help.

At Therapy Central we help people with a range of relationship issues. Common issues that we help couples with are infidelity, jealousy, feeling disconnected, an imbalance in power, not feeling understood, communication, sex and intimacy. You may want help to work out whether to stay together or to end the relationship. You may wish to seek help together as a couple, or individually, or you might prefer to receive both couples therapy and individual therapy with us.

During therapy your therapist will guide discussions for you to gain a deeper understanding of the reasons for your relationship difficulties. It can be helpful to explore the difficult emotions that are experienced for you both, as well as explore patterns in the way you relate to each other. What you each want from the relationship will be ascertained. Underlying issues that may be having an influence can be explored and addressed. Your therapist can facilitate more effective communication and can introduce you to strategies to help you work through your difficulties and enable you to develop a healthier and happier relationship.

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