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When someone close to us dies we experience a loss that may leave a hole in our lives. Everyone’s experience of bereavement is unique yet there can be common experiences that are shared among people who have lost someone.

It is common to be in a state of shock. Some people may throw themselves into the practicalities whilst others may struggle to function. People can be extremely tearful, may feel panicky and anxious or feel numb.

It is believed that there are seven stages of grief which are anger, disbelief, bargaining, denial, guilt, depression and finally acceptance. People can progress through these stages at different rates and it is normal for this to take time. However, some people can become stuck and struggle to move through the stages. This can contribute to emotional difficulties, such as depression and anxiety, which can have a detrimental impact upon various areas of an individual’s life.

People may think to themselves that grief is normal and so they shouldn’t seek therapy but instead deal with it on their own. It is true that grief is indeed a normal process, however, it can be a difficult process and you may be struggling to cope. Therefore, it can be helpful for you to seek help.

At Therapy Central our therapists can provide you with a safe space to explore your difficult thoughts and feelings around your bereavement. You will be helped to work through your emotions and to learn coping skills to help you to work through the seven stages of grief towards acceptance. It can be difficult to accept, however you can be helped to live your life more fully in spite of this.

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